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Retirement planning isn’t just about pensions and what you might get when you retire. There are several stages when you need advice to make sure that your goals may be achieved.

Pre-retirement planning makes you aware of your future options. It is about building up sufficient assets in the years whilst you are working and we look at the best ways of doing this through pensions, investments and generally arranging your financial affairs so that you can retire when you wish to.


At retirement planning is choosing how you should draw benefits from pension plans and receive income from other investments in the most suitable way for your own circumstances. At Meridian Financial Planning Ltd we’ll find the best terms if you want a pension and advice on strategy if you decide to draw income from your investments.


Post-retirement planning involves regular reviews to make sure that the arrangements you made at retirement continue to meet your requirements or revise the plans if your circumstances change.


The decisions you make at retirement will ultimately influence your financial well-being for the remainder of your life, so professional advice is essential as sometimes these decisions cannot be changed later on.


Remember it is never too early to start to plan for your retirement.


If you would like advice on setting up a pension plan, reviewing existing pensions, SIPPs, annuity purchase, including enhanced annuity, or drawdown then please contact Meridian Financial Planning Ltd.


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