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Whether you are looking buy a home, require more space for the family or are looking for an investment property to buy, it is possible that you may need a mortgage to help you finance this.

Alternatively, you may be looking to take advantage of lower interest rates that may be available on the open market than you are currently paying and by remortgaging you could achieve this.


Getting a mortgage that is suitable for your circumstances can be a problem simply because of the varied choice and lender criteria.  Every lender has different criteria that have to be met and your situation may not be acceptable to lender A, but is to lender B.  Meridian Financial Planning Ltd can find the best mortgage for you.


When considering any mortgage finance you must understand that this is a significant financial commitment. Loans are often subject to checks in respect of your ability to repay the debt and the value of the premises that you wish to purchase.


If you would like advice on finding and arranging a suitable mortgage for a home purchase, remortgage or the purchase of an investment property then please contact Meridian Financial Planning Ltd.


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